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Friday, December 19, 2008

Could Life get worse?

When things go wrong in my life I just think of everyone else that has it so much worse than me...but then I stepped back today and realized it isn't stopping for me! I've been through A LOT for a 24 year old girl that is barely out of college...luckily nothing that harmed me too bad, but when does it stop?

This time last year I walked in on a guy robbing my apartment, I didn't think stuff like that could happen to me. Luckily he wasn't armed, and luckily I was so mad I didn't actually realize he was robbing me until after the fact. He had my laptop in his hands ready to walk out with it...and I grabbed it...who does that? I could have been killed...but of course that didn't cross my mind, I can't be in great danger!

Then this year a ton of bricks! At first I was thinking "yes, I've got this jewelry going, I love it things couldn't get better..." Then August came, my birthday month.
-I got in an accident the week before my birthday that was clearly NOT my fault but of course the guy is trying to blame the young dumb kid
my boyfriend broke up with me the day before my birthday (no big deal really, it just adds on)
-I got fired from my first job out of college the last week in august (luckily I got a job 2 days later)
-I got a speeding ticket and a no insurance ticket in October (although I do have insurance)
-I got in another accident in November because some stupid guy tried to turn left across 3 lanes of traffic, I didn't have a car for 2 weeks...
-When I got my car back my horn didn't work so I was going to take it back to the shop but before I had a chance it caught on fire while I was drving! Annoyed I pulled over thinking it was just smoking, but no of course it was on fire...and I was on my way to a show so all I could think was please get the jewelry out- it can't all go up in flames!
-After all that I was thankful because I lived threw a burnt car and I got a new car out of it...then today hit. I get into work, work all day then my boss pulls me in to tell me they have to make cut backs and I was one of them.

When do things get better...I thought they came in three's but apparently I have a consistant three pattern, just three right after three.
I am thankful this is all happening when I am just sucks that it is never ending! How do I make it all stop??? All I want to do is CRY in a corner forever and hope it magically fixes everything!

Revamping my site

So I have come to the realization that my website photos sucked! I took new photos of my jewelry to try and make them look more appealing...but I'm not the photographer. I heard that scanning jewelry is great, but of course I can't get it to look good. So I took some new pics and I think they are significantly better but I'm just not so sure they are the best they can be. This is all still a learning process for me and while it is very exciting I'm finding myself not having enough time because my day job intereferes....I wish I could just quit and focus on this!